How to install CloudPanel on Vultr VPS: CloudPanel setup

In this simple Cloudpanel setup tutorial, I will show you how to install Cloudpanel on Vultr, add WordPress websites, and install free SSL certificates.

I will be hosting the panel on Vultr VPS and deploying an instance to install the panel.

Cloudpanel has a different server requirement than other hosting panels we have tested on this platform. You will need a minimum of 1vCPU and 2GB RAM to install Cloudpanel. Therefore, we will go for a $10 cloud instance that caters to these specifications.

The amazing thing about this hosting panel is its one-click WordPress setup, it supports Python sites, PHP sites, Node JS, and Static HTML sites.

The performance is excellent as it supports a pure Nginx stack, including Radius cache, MariaDB, and MySQL. The panel also runs on two operating systems which include; Ubuntu and Debian.

Note: This web hosting panel does not support a mail server, the reason being they want to maintain its performance.

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