Can nuclear energy be used to power planes?

Can nuclear energy be used to power airplanes

Can nuclear energy be used to power planes? It is technically possible to use nuclear energy to power airplanes, but it is not practical or currently in use for a number of reasons which we look at below.

One reason is that nuclear reactors are heavy and take up a lot of space, which is not practical for use in an aircraft. In addition, there are safety concerns associated with carrying a nuclear reactor on an aircraft, including the risk of a nuclear accident or the potential for the reactor to be used as a weapon.

There have been some experimental designs for nuclear-powered aircraft, but they have not been successful or practical. It is much more common for airplanes to be powered by jet engines, which burn fossil fuels such as kerosene.

However, with the emphasis on green energy, companies are working hard to develop electric planes and designing small nuclear reactors that can potentially be used in the future in aviation applications.

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