How to setup CloudPanel on Oracle Cloud Free Tier

In this Web Hosting tutorial, I will show you how to setup CloudPanel on Oracle Cloud Free Tier. We will also add a WordPress site and issue an SSL certificate.

The latest version of CloudPanel supports ARM64 CPU. This allows you to use all the 4 vCPU and 24GB RAM on Oracle Cloud.

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Once you have created your Oracle instance, do the following;

  1. Add DNS records on your domain register dashboard and point them to your server IP address. In this example, I am using Namecheap. Point your panel’s subdomain ( or to the Oracle IP address.
  2. On your instance, click virtual cloud networks > Subnet >Default security list and add ingress rules. For the Source CIDR, add this value
  3. Add these ports to your ingress rules;

We will install the CloudPanel via the terminal. I will be using PuTTY for this purpose.

These are the commands we will use for this tutorial;

  1. Change to superuser:
Sudo su -
  • Update the server:
apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y install curl wget sudo
  • Install CloudPanel with your preferred Database. Choose whichever version you like. I will be using MySQL Database.
curl -sS -o; \
echo "2d3812327d8229c372f599156515c4639d18badd5c6a972616affbf86960c24f" | \
sha256sum -c && sudo bash

How to update CloudPanel

To update your CloudPanel, just run this script;

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